Statistics show that the best performing and cheapest ads are location-based, which target people based on the area where they live, work and etc.
Most marketers while creating ads are focused on demographics and location or demographics and interest.
The study shows that ads perform better once marketers combine demographics, location, interest…

A customer persona (also known as a buyer persona) is a semi-fictional archetype that represents the key traits of a large segment of your audience, based on the data you’ve collected from user research and web analytics.

Actionable buyer personas reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions — the specific attitudes…

In this article, we will discuss and learn how to advertise life insurance business locally and generate more leads and convert them into buying customers.

Every business needs marketing in order to survive. Start small and grow fast. Be hyper targeted and start with local advertising.

Do you really need to buy Insurance Leads? Shared or Exclusive Leads?

Most internet lead companies…

Emin Aliyev

Founder of Easymove: On-Demand furniture Delivery Platform facilitates furniture shopping experience and provides same hour delivery

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